Selling a House Where a Violent Crime Has Occurred

One of the trickiest types of house to sell is one where a violent crime has occurred. Whether you are reselling a home that you purchased after a violent crime occurred or are organising a sale after a crime in your family, it can be useful to think about some different strategies for selling your home. Here are some tips. 

Be honest

Many states have laws that mean that you have to disclose if there has been a violent crime in the household, so it´s good to be clear on the exact nature of the details that you must legally disclose. Even if you don't legally have to disclose the exact crime, it can be a good idea to work on a script that covers the basics of the crime that occurred in the house so that buyers are not uncomfortable if they do learn about the crime in more detail, as well as ensuring that you're legally covered as a seller under consumer protection laws. It is important to be sensitive in how you mention the crime, as some materials may be read by the victim's family and you do not want to cause offense. 

Lower the price

One factor that may persuade a buyer to make an offer is a home that is very discounted compared to other homes in the area. The exact amount of discount will dependon both the nature of the crime and the local real estate market. As this is not a common occurrence, it can be a good idea to speak to a real estate agent with some experience in the area who can suggest a pricing strategy that will allow you to test the water. 

Be creative

You may need to be creative and look at different options for the home, including selling it as a ready-to-demolish home or marketing to different organisations. Many traditional home buyers are not willing to consider homes that have been the scene of a crime, but marketing to the right group or organisation directly may be a good way of bringing your well-priced property to the attention of groups that are looking for bargain real estate investments. 

If you are selling a home which has been the scene of a violent crime, it is vitally important to choose an experienced real estate agent who can help you to develop a marketing strategy and ensure you get the best possible price for the property.  

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