Features to Look For When Choosing Properties For Rental

Buying a home to rent out is not like buying a home for your own personal residence; a rental property needs to appeal to a wide range of potential renters, so you have a greater chance of it always being occupied. A rental property also needs to be very easy to maintain and repair. Note a few features to look for, and some to avoid, when choosing properties specifically for rental, so you know you make a profitable choice that is easy to care for over the years.

Wall covering

You may not think much of the wall covering inside a home, but consider that a wall treatment like wallpaper is very difficult to remove and replace if it should get damaged or stained. You may not think much of this risk in your own home, but renters may have children or dogs, or may not be overly concerned with the condition of the property, so that the wall covering is at greater risk of damage. Find a home with simple flat paint that is easy to clean and recoat, and avoid any type of wallpaper, stucco, painted mural, or other interior wall covering that would be difficult to maintain over the years.

Secure fence

Your tenants will probably want a secure fence that affords privacy from the neighbours and which protects their children or pets in the yard, but a secure fence will also protect the rental property when it's vacant. Potential thieves may spot a "for rent" sign in the front lawn and know that a home is unoccupied, and target it for a break-in. A strong panel fence that offers no toeholds and which blocks the view of the home can mean less risk of the property being burglarized while you look for new tenants.


Nice landscaping can make a home more attractive to potential tenants, but consider the upkeep and maintenance of any landscaping features, and if they can be easily damaged by negligent tenants. Avoid properties with flowerbeds, as flowers need constant attention and tending, and choose a yard with hedges and shrubbery for added greenery, as these are relatively easy to trim and maintain.

For added colour and to enhance the property, you might look for a property with room to plant flowering bushes, such as lilac or snowball bush. Flowering shrubs are easier to care for than actual flower beds, and they can enhance the property with colour and a nice scent, without needing too much maintenance and upkeep over the years.

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