Why You Might Need More Bedrooms Than You Think

Buying a house is a really exciting thing to do, even if you're not a first-time homeowner. In the midst of all this excitement, people usually can't wait to start viewing properties for sale, but unless you want to waste considerable amounts of time, you'll need to narrow down the specifications of your ideal property first.

There are a lot of things you might want or need in your future home, but one of the first things most people decide is the number of bedrooms they're looking for. This decision normally comes down to how many adults are in the house, whether there are any children, and whether or not you want a spare room for guests. Perhaps you might want another bedroom to turn into an office, but that's about it.

Before you start looking, however, you should consider adding one or two extra bedrooms to whatever you think is right. Here are some reasons why.


An extra bedroom or two makes things easier if more children arrive. Whether or not you have them now and whether or not you're planning on more, there's always a chance you'll change your mind or more will come along anyway. Having the space to accommodate your growing family is a much better prospect than moving again in just a few years.

Extra space for kids

Children have bedrooms and they can play in them just fine, but they're always likely to spread toys around your living room regardless. Providing a dedicated playroom helps minimise how often this happens, and it also helps keep their bedrooms clean and tidy by moving most of the toys elsewhere.


If you're into arts and crafts, having a room where you can keep all your equipment and enjoy your hobby in peace is always nice. If you're a collector, an extra room gives you a dedicated space to store and display your collection. Whatever your hobby, there's a good chance another room will be helpful.


Unless you're truly into the minimalist lifestyle, there's never quite enough storage space. Garages are fine if you have one, but some items are best kept at higher temperatures indoors with a lower risk of damp. Creating a storage room helps keep the rest of your home tidy.


A gaming room, a bar, a home cinema, a billiards room — whenever you have guests, you can do more than just sit in the living room by creating an entertainment space. Friends and family will love visiting you.

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